Home-working, sorted.

Supercharge your employees with ergonomic and compliant workstations in minutes

Request demo Seamlessly scale your remote workforce

Our flexible subscription equips your remote employees with the furniture and IT kit they need to stay safe and productive

Our solution frees up capital, reduces management burden and ensures ongoing compliance with tax and health and safety legislation

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What we do

We facilitate the home and hybrid working revolution

Home-working is here to stay. As we all adapt to a more flexible way of working, employers face a plethora of new challenges that require equally flexible solutions.

We take the headache out of onboarding, offboarding, asset management, logistics, set-up, health & safety and tax compliance.

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Deploy quickly, scale freely

Frictionless onboarding

The thought of getting hundreds or even thousands of employees set up with home-working equipment shouldn't be daunting.

The Norm platform allows you to quickly invite individual employees, or bulk add groups via CSV. Our email domain based onboarding allows employees to sign themselves up using their company email address.

We take care of the rest.

One size doesn't fit all

Personalised compliance from day one

We assess individual employee needs as part of the onboarding process, and analyse this data to make recommendations. Through our online risk assessments and training we take the hassle out of ongoing compliance processes so you can focus on your core business.

The Norm dashboard gives you real-time oversight of company-wide compliance and nudges employees to get on top of issues. We'll notify you of any slackers.

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Our Solution
Instant Online Orders
Employees order everything through the Norm platform. We make sure all orders are on budget and compliant.
Approval Policies
Configure your approval processes through the Norm platform. No approval, single approver, multiple approvers. Your choice.
Central Control
Real time oversight of all employees, their active subscriptions and their compliance status.
Free Up Capital
No capital outlay. All items available on a monthly subscription basis. Financial reports and cost projections available at all times.
Add & Remove Employees
Instantly add and remove employees as your team grows or shrinks. We take care of delivery and collection.
Always Under Warranty
We guarantee all equipment for the duration of your subscription. Repairs and replacements are taken care of with minimal downtime.
Health & Wellbeing Excellence
Beyond compliance. Your employees' productivity depends on their wellbeing. We ensure health and safety compliance as a minimum.
Employee Choice
Employees feel valued when they make choices, and are more likely to use equipment they have chosen.

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